A downloadable tool for Windows

Forge allows you to quickly "paper prototype" your VR ideas, decreasing development time through rapid iterations and less time spent programming. 

Forge uses similar concepts to 2D prototyping tools like Marvel and InVision, but adds another dimension for 3D VR interfaces and interactions.

Place 2D and 3D objects in the world to get a sense of their size and orientation. Create multiple scenes and transition in between those scenes by interacting with "transition zones". Using these simple tools, you can prototype UIs or storyboard your next game! 


  • Place 2D designs and 3D objects in the world
  • Import your own designs (.png, .jpg) and 3d objects (.obj)
  • Paint on objects to quickly sketch ideas
  • Create multiple scenes and switch between them with transition zones
  • Transition between scenes by touch or point+click (more interactions to come)
  • Easily save and share prototypes

Who Uses A Tool Like Forge?

  1. Freelancers who need to communicate with their clients about ideas and their progress. It's often hard to talk about VR ideas without experiencing them, especially if you're talking to non-experts (like clients). Forge allows developers to quickly mock up their ideas and share them with their clients. This way, freelancers can make sure they don't spend any time developing something their customer doesn't want.
  2. Designers and developers in the same studio who want an easy way to visualize VR ideas together.
  3. Anyone who wants to prototype an idea for a VR application!

Download for free below! Check out the example prototypes to get an idea of what is possible.


HTC Vive/Oculus Rift (via Google Drive)